Feb 1st -28th 2022


Chanell Angeli has been invited to show new works at the Black Currency group exhibition in Atlanta GA. Opening reception will be held February 4th and more information can be found on the gallery website regarding RSVPs and Covid protocols. Even more exciting news is that Chanell’s husband, Mario Reyes, will be on the panel discussion February 18 from 7-9pm to discuss NFTs and digital art. We look forward to seeing you there.

Show Details

Exhibit Dates: Feb 1st -28th 2022

Location: “THE FUTURE GALLERY” 50 Upper Alabama St SW #78

Opening Night Feb. 4th

Panel Discussion Feb 18th

When we think of currency we always think of money and what it takes to get it and to be able to operate in current society. What has evolved from bartering for goods has become the value we place on paper and coins. But for those black and in the south, particularly Atlanta, currency is community. When you travel down notable streets in the city, Auburn Ave, MLK Blvd, Northside Dr, the currency is in the black businesses that have become household names for so many. If you are from Atlanta, you resonate with these specific businesses because they were and are a part of the community. From serving the community with their goods and services to serving the community during the holiday seasons and being supporters of community milestones. These businesses are there as the currency of what makes the black experience in the city.  This currency extends beyond the dollar, and yet it also increases the dollar.

The ashes of Tulsa, Oklahoma and its Black Wall Street have become the phoenix rising in the city of Atlanta. The southern roots planted grows into a tree of opportunity. The dollar that has allowed black entrepreneurs of this city to be able to serve as promises of a future that sees excellence, wealth, leadership, ownership, and social capital as our right, as the DNA that keeps this city a beacon for the nation and the world.