Chanell Angeli Featured At The Warfield Gallery

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Chanell Angeli was recently featured by the Warfield Gallery, a gallery for highschool students founded by Loupe Art and DL Warfield. Here’s what the gallery had to say, “Meet Ms. Chanell Angeli, Atlanta based mixed medium artist and proud graduate of #miamisouthridgeseniorhigh Class of 2007.

We asked Chanell what did she think she would be doing at her age now when she was in high school and did she think she would be an artist?

Chanell Angeli
Chanell Angeli

This is her response:
“When I was in high school, growing up in miami, I always wanted to get into international business. It wasn’t until I was far into adulthood that I started becoming confident about my creativity. Before then, I could at least be confident about my hustle.  It’s actually a great merger; art and business.”

To see more of Chanel’s work, you can follow her at @chanellangeli_ ”