“Angeli’s cosmic compositions recall ancestors emerging as hypnogogic messengers. Set against bold fields of color the push and pull between her figures combine photographic collage with infante pools of shimmering negative space”

— Isaac Aden
Chief Curator AD ART SHOW 2021

I am Chanell Angelique Skyers, a mixed media artist of Caribbean descent residing in Atlanta, GA. Through the use of natural materials such as metal and wood, I am focused on creating three dimensional pieces that channel the universe and touch the soul. My heritage comes through strongly in my work, as I often work with tropical floral and images of people who remind me of my childhood.​

There is an emotional soul tie between my poetry and art. Just as the words build on each other telling a story in my poetry, so does my use of mixed media in my art. At first, its all a puzzle in my mind and to convey the feeling and emotion is the goal. Whether I am pulling from the labyrinth of words in my mental cloud or the jungle of floral and images in my studio; selection is key. This is where and when I believe spirit and I co-create. Unlike many artists, I do not plan or sketch out my ideas beforehand. They are all spontaneous flurries of epiphanies pulled from the unseen spiritual world where thoughts and inspiration live and are then made manifest in the physical by way of art.  The pieces just seems to just fall out of me through pen and pad or canvas and paint.

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