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A firm believer that we all need a healthy outlet, Chanell has found her medium to be both writing and art. "There is a therapy in creating", she says. 

Both her books, Melt and Beside Still Waters, have gone on to be best-sellers, while her mixed-media art is highly sought after world wide.

All of her pieces are created in an atmosphere full of love and positive energy, with the intent that it may bring peace to anyone who possesses them.

When shes not working on her craft she is busy managing

She enjoys rainy days where she can write or paint with her daughters close by her side and a window cracked open. 


Featured Poem

My soul is heavy

My heart drags down anchored in the pit of my belly.

The meal is good

But I have no energy to taste the food.

The love is strong

But my hearts still breaks for black men being gunned down so young.


“thank God it wasn’t my King”, But With his attitude

He coulda easily been Me Too’d.

People are more offended that we loot

Then the unarmed men they execute.

God I’m trying to find the silver lining.

I Make a list of all the things I’m thankful for each morning.

My straight nose.

Inherited from the plantation owner my great grandmother indentured for.

My bright eyes

Keen on spotting the pig in sheep’s clothes

My brown skin

A sin in the eyes of white men

whose daddy’s wore white sheets to murder my innocent.

I'm full of gratefulness that they can no longer hide their hatefulness

But I’m broken by societies indifference

Towards a matter so significant.

Racism is a disease of the heart.

I pray it kill you swiftly before you can rewrite the history of what you’ve done.

Cause There’s no more forgiveness marrowed in my bones.

There’s no more sound bowls that can salve my soul.

No meditations that can blot out the ethnic cleansing

I want a reckoning!

I want heads to roll down MLK Boulevard!

I want to smile in the blood of those that killed my loved ones

And say


I give thanks there's one less monster we have to run from!

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