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©2018 by chanell angeli.


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About the Author

I’ve always been passionate about writing and amazed by the therapeutic affect it has on people and the healing they are able to receive through it. Whether I'm writing about my full moon rituals, poetry or giving guidance on meditation, I share it all in hopes that it will find a safe and familiar place inside of you and hopefully inspire some creativity of your own. I love engaging with those who resonate with my work and welcome you to write to me at anytime. Your words keep me motivated as I take on my next project; an open diary full of photos, poems & journal entries. This one of a kind book is a piece of me in complete transparency and honesty. As vulnerable as that makes me feel, I am excited to be able to open my heart to you. As always thank you for your constant love and support. It does not go unnoticed.

Featured Poem

Apache cafe on a cold October night I walked in lost looking for a poet 

I had very little description to go off of but I was told I couldn’t miss him

And that was a lie

Because 9 months later I miss him even when he’s here

Deathly scared of the moment he has to go to work 

I walk around with puppy dog eyes 

He makes me laugh, then I hold back cries

I jump when the door cracks cause I'm scared he’ll never come back. 

Like dad

Like my innocence 

Like Obama 

Like why am I still so controlled by my past trauma 

Apache cafe on a cold October 

I saw you. 

And I knew I finally found you. 

See I’ve been searching 

Relationships come and go but none were working. 

None were worth it. 

I was hurting. 

Since I lost you at sea that lifetime before and so I became the Melanin Mermaid to swim to you 

But mother Yemaya said  your soul had gone in the wind. 

So I searched again 

through tribes of Native Americans 

Apache symbols in caves you drew 

as breadcrumbs so I could spot you 

But I didn’t 

Prideful ignorance 

A trail of tears I wailed for my negligence

So again my world went dark and in that instant 

I became an owl so I could see in the dark

cooed at the moon to light the way to the other half of my heart. 

Listened to the beating of the forest's drum

1000 year old trees we stood under when they were just 1 year young 

My love my love 

Time means nothing to us 

Masquerading through lifetimes as 2 souls when really we’re just 1. 

Wishing to become whole every time 11:11 

Reminds me my reflection is much brighter then my shadows. 

Those scary things In the night

Those insecurities that cause me to create fights 

Those lonely nights of past life’s now haunt me even when you’re in my sight. 

I was lost that cold October night. 

In this life

Looking for a poet. 

They said when I see him I’ll know him

A mentor. A friend. A lover. An omen. 

A fisherman. An Indian. The owl. The star that I orbit. 

The mole on my foot that he painted 10,000 years ago 

A Picasso that sometimes resembles Pinocchio 

Well then I’ll be Gipeto

Cause our memories live in my bones 

I have to tell him this lifetime so next time 

Through life lines and hard times he can always find his way home. 

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