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About the Author

A firm believer that we all need a healthy outlet, Chanell has found her medium to be both writing and art. "There is a therapy in creating", she says. 

Both her books, Melt and Beside Still Waters, have gone on to be best-sellers, while her mixed-media art is highly sought after world wide.

All of her pieces are created in an atmosphere full of love and positive energy, with the intent that it may bring peace to anyone who possesses them.

When shes not working on her craft she is busy managing

She enjoys rainy days where she can write or paint with her daughters close by her side and a window cracked open. 


Featured Poem

Some things are unbearable...
Hands to a hot stove.
Flesh melts away from bone.
Hearts cremate inside our abandoned Home.
Mama always said, “who can’t hear, must feel”
Touched the stove to see if the heat was real
I listened to your pleas numerous times & knowingly let them fall on deaf ears.
She also said, “don’t worry baby, time heals”
But In my experience time shifts ideals.
The perceptions we have of each other get tainted with resentment  of failed deals.

But some things are unbearable...
A knife to the front, instead of the back.
Amicable conversations to cover up all the miscommunication this relationship lacked.
1 step forward 2 steps back
Finally became committed to us after the last straw touched your camels back.
And mama said, “don’t fix what ain’t broke” but she never taught me how to fix hearts I had cracked and how to tape together the pieces to get that same love back on track.

Some things are unbearable...
Watching you walk away so easily.
Knowing I did the same thing but you’re for real and I was always just manipulating.
Figure skating
On thin ice, figuratively.
Dismissal of your mentions
Prompted heightened insecurities.
& Lack of security felt by me only acted as my gasoline.
Igniting the bitch & surprising the witch in me because this outcome was expected & still unforeseen.

Mama always said, “it ain’t fun when the rabbit has the gun.”
I emptied clips and missed but you’re a good shot, it only took you one.

We’re done.
And In a way I’m proud of you.
Should clap my hands a bow to you
Would sing my praise out loud to you...
If this knot weren’t in my throat.
If in your smile I didn’t see a little bit of gloat
If in all your past poems you wrote I didn’t see this coming smoke.
If when I asked you are we done you didn’t say it like you wanted to cut my throat.
Like you hated me
Disgusted by the thought of you ever dating me
Touched me the last time like I was a charity
You see..

Some things are unbearable...
Realizing YOU had to leave
I tried to end us but I was always much too weak
You’ve proved to be the strongest of the personalities
& Angelique
Melted together and Lost our individualities
Looking back “Crowded elevator” was always a very great analogy

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©2018 by chanell angeli.